• Bandwidth monster

    A couple of big links sites have recently picked up my translations site, and in the last few days I’ve seen the bandwidth go from 1GB bi-monthly to 1GB daily.

  • And I don't know it.

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  • CSS sucks

    I have ranted on in the past about how great XHTML and CSS are. You can find similar diatribes all over the many sites devoted to bleeding edge web design. (I’ll link to some when I can be bothered.) However, I’ve come to realise that my confidence is slightly misplaced.

  • Internationalnet

    I’ve had a personal website for a few years now, on and off. However, I’ve never been involved in anything on the internet of a more universal interest than my day-to-day musings, so all my dealings with websites and bandwidth and advertising have been, shall we say, modest.

  • Digital music done right

    Yesterday, Apple announced a couple of new product updates (iTunes 4 and new iPods). Now, these are all very nice in themselves. The new 30GB iPod is just one tenth of an inch thicker than my current 10 gigger, and has a few neat interface enhancements (yes, I want one, but not until the prices fall); the new iTunes supports auto-config music library sharing via Rendezvous (OS X users: open up your port 3689 and lets play each others’ music!).

  • Conflicts of interest

    Why is it that I find it so hard to concentrate on Physics for anything longer than five minutes (when I even manage to get started on it, that is), yet I can quite happily spend an hour struggling through a Japanese translation?

  • Explain this one

    Having only just got back from Maplins with a surge protector to stop my fridge turning my computer off, something else happens.

  • Failure

    Having done all this work to put up the new site, you may have noticed my almost complete lack of new posts since it went live. Well, I’m busy. I’ll add “update site three times a day” to the ever-increasing gargantuan list of things I want to do over the summer.

  • Science: a piece of cake?

    The history of Western science, through the medium of cake.

  • Revision blues

    I’m starting to doubt my ability to completely revise one course every two days. Why is this holiday so short? Why did I start with Quantum Mechanics? Why am I so surprised that this year’s Quantum Mechanics course presupposes knowledge of last year’s Quantum Mechanics course (which I didn’t learn either)?