• Designs and organ trials

    The polishing-off of the backend got left on the back-burner a bit until I picked it up again this weekend, and I’m still fiddling with it, while at the same time packing all my stuff up to head back to Cambridge for the new year. (However, there is a slightly tweaked design up at /designs/ if you’d care to take a peek at the future.)


    Chris Mear: think: ways to get into a tin can when you have no can opener
    David Mear: With a screwdriver
    Chris Mear: nope
    David Mear: o.O
    Chris Mear: what?
    David Mear: Is there some “correct” answer to this?
    Chris Mear: no
    Chris Mear: i don’t have a screwdriver
    Chris Mear: I’m looking for suggestions
    David Mear: OOOOoh!
    Chris Mear: because I
    Chris Mear: really
    Chris Mear: REALLY
    Chris Mear: want some soup
    David Mear: I thought it was just a question
    David Mear: Haha
    Chris Mear: ok, I’ve made a hole
    Chris Mear: I can smell the chicken
    David Mear: HAha
    David Mear: What with?
    David Mear: LMAO
    Chris Mear: A potato peeler
    David Mear: HAhaha
    Chris Mear: well, I’ve made a small opening.
    Chris Mear: But I am concerned that it will be too small for the “NOW MORE CHICKEN” that lies in wait
    David Mear: LMAO
    David Mear: HAaaaahaha
    Chris Mear: okay, there is now a second small opening next to the first
    Chris Mear: I will now attempt to “co-join” them
    David Mear: how the fuck are you doing this?
    Chris Mear: I make a small incision by jabbing it with the pointy bit of the potato peeler.
    David Mear: Ah, right.
    David Mear: This is really sad man.
    Chris Mear: Next I push gradually down on the peeler to make a small crescent shape.
    Chris Mear: Using the arm of a corkscrew, I prise the flap up.
    David Mear: are you gonna go round the whole edge like this.
    David Mear: ?
    Chris Mear: dunno
    David Mear: Because from the sounds of it.
    Chris Mear: I’ll have to see how big the MORE CHICKEN is.
    David Mear: You’re gonna need a hole at least an inch across.
    David Mear: Not just chicken, MORE chicken! ®
    Chris Mear: goddamn, these fuckers are tuff
    Chris Mear: the best bit is that I’ve got this frantic jazz music going down in the background
    David Mear: LMAO
    David Mear: That’s so FUCKING FUNNY.
    Chris Mear: shit
    David Mear: What?!
    David Mear: What/!
    Chris Mear: I just splashed chicken soup all over my screen
    David Mear: Aw, you big mong.
    Chris Mear: it’s all good, it’s all good.
    Chris Mear: I think I’m there.
    David Mear: Aw, well done.
    David Mear: Do you have a bowl/
    Chris Mear: yup
    David Mear: Damn,
    David Mear: I wish I’d seen that on your webcam
    Chris Mear:
    Chris Mear:
    Chris Mear: i’m going to go and cook it now.

  • Finally...

    I’ve got the itch to do some programming, but not enough of an itch to actually teach myself anything new in the process. So I’m going to finally start writing the new backend for this site. Right now.

  • One small step

    Yay, I’ve just written my first ever Windows program in C. I’m so happy.

  • Three strikes and you're out

    There is a proposal to allow police officers the right to arrest someone in posession of cannabis, but only if it’s the third time they’ve been caught in that year. If they get caught once or twice, they just get a warning. Supposedly, this is to avoid simply issuing formal warnings to people again and again.

  • Back home. Again

    I’m back from Singapore, and I start work again tomorrow. Sorry updates have been a bit lax lately, although it’s not through lack of things to talk about. I shall have to put up some kind of ‘holiday journal’ section or something. Anyway, got to dash now.

  • Drunk in Singapore

    That is all.

  • Hawaii website

    The Hawaii website is starting to come together, and you can go there and look at a few photos already. However, my webhosts seem to be having a few server issues at the moment, and so there’s some random exception errors happening, which stop you from viewing the site. But try later, and they should have sorted themselves out.

  • Back home

    Well, it’s now Sunday, and I got home from Hawaii on Thursday morning, but I’ve just been so tired since then that I haven’t gotten round to doing much of anything yet, let alone updating this website. But I’m here now, so better late then never, I guess.

  • It's 4 in the morning... in Hawaii

    Up early, getting ready to go on a snorkeling cruise. This place is incredible. Photos when I get back on Thursday.