• Random navel-gazing

    Firstly, I’m not sleeping enough. But now that I’m up early, I can spend a bit of time finishing off the itinerary of activities for Hawaii. It’s gonna be so cool. Although at the moment I’m still finding it hard to push myself mentally past the stage of sheer funked-out panic that nothing’s gonna go right, and that I’m gonna lose a dozen people in random airport cities around the US, or something.

  • First post!

    Well, here I am, wasting my time trying to get this thing to work. Blogger is, in theory, quite useful, but at the moment it just seems painfully flaky. I will have to roll my own site management thingamabob in ASP or something at some point. I was under the misguided notion that hacking together something with Blogger and server-side includes would be quicker to get up and running. Ha ha.

  • Untitled

    “What?” I hear you say. “Your exams are practically upon you, you haven’t done nearly enough work, and you’re building a website? A website, for crying out loud?!”